Good Bye My Lovely Cat

Rebecca and Her Kittens

Her name is Rebecca

She is Rebecca, a girlish and lovely stray cat at my boarding house who has been gone. She and her kittens (four Kittens) were moved to a traditional market by the landlady and her crew. I knew it was a difficult choice. Because the boarding house is full now. And they will disturb here. Her kittens often pissed and pup around here. And it was very disgusting. Many reasons for lifting them.

The landlady’s plan for the first was just to move the kittens, but I suggested to her that it would cruel because the kittens’ age is just a month and they still need her mom. I asked her to bring their mom too, it was no big deal right. In the end, it happened. Last night, they moved Rebecca and her kittens to the traditional market. I am sad but have no choices. Like dilemma for me.

Besides it, I believe that it was the right choice. Because the market is the right place too. There is a shelter for stray cats. I had been seen before. Many stray cats there. Sometimes I worry about it, because of the location near garbage trucks.  But I saw the people around them care about the cats. So, I hope there are no bad things to the stray cats there.

I forget something, Rebecca has been fourth time giving birth here. And the landlady always moved the kittens after a month here. It happened many times. That’s why I asked to her for moved Rebecca too last night. Currently, Rebecca is pregnant too.

The Emotional Moments

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I met her (Rebecca) for the first time when she suddenly came to the boarding house and I feed cat food her. It was 2 years ago before Aska my stray cat too was gone. She was like changed his position at my boarding. I love them so much, and now they don’t here again. I always miss them. Many memories and moments with her. She often makes me happy when I am upset, bored, and bad mood. She is always here.

I always buy her cat food every month. Yes, I have a budget for her. And when one by one my friends at my boarding house are gone. Sometimes I feel lonely. How lucky, there is Rebecca here. Feeding, petting, playing with her is like something that makes me happy. And I forget about alone. But now, she is gone.

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