Hello Morning, Welcome Hopes

Morning Vibes

Morning vibes are always wonderful. I am waiting for the dawn. The morning will be broken and the hope comes. I count blessing from God, it can’t. Having sat and thinking about fears, worrying, and unpredictability of the future. I am realizing that it is the source of disaster in life. For now, stop being stupid to think about something which happened yet. It’s ridiculous.

Life began now, not tomorrow or the future. Just focus on what you have to do today. I heard that what you have done today will decide your tomorrow and the future. Allah always helps you, so don’t worry about the future.

I remember a line of the song of JKT48, Fortune Cookie,

Yang mencinta, Fortune Cookie. Masa depan tidak akan seburuk itu…” and also

Janganlah menyerah dalam menjalani hidup. Akan datang keajaiban yang tak terduga…